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13 August 2010

rehash, Hayley and Mouse

With awards looming, I'm going over older images from throughout the year and actually 'completing them' !
This is a dungeon image of Hayley and her friend.

12 August 2010

The scene for this image was shot in a cathedral in Melbourne.

An Old Favourite

This is an old favourite of mine and also an a favourite of many people. This gentleman is standing in the old Puketapu church. This image won a Gold in the 2009 NZIPP iris Awards.

Emilie-Rose. Maize field

This is my daughter Emilie-Rose. I took this in late afternoon around 3 months ago in a recently harvested maize paddock. This one I have as a wall hanger in my lounge.

Circus Scene

I was approached by Kirsty, a talented and fantastic Wellington model, to do something a little different.
Not sure this is what she had in mind, but glad she enjoyed herself.
This scene was one that plagued my mind for some time. I was inspired somewhat from an old painting I saw in an antique store and it simply sparked of an array of ideas for this shot.
The shot ended up being quite a complicated one in terms of lighting but we got there in the end. The characters are not composite, it was all shot together. All that is added is the ferris wheel background (a shot I took in Melbourne, Australia) and the enhanced smoke from the clowns cigarette. I'm quite proud of this one. I think it tells a real story.

Batman/Underworld - Emma

Being slightly or much influenced by the Underworld movie, I liked the idea of this shot.
The outfit was rather left of field, but when matched with 300 year old samurai arm armour, I think it worked well. Emma, my modern day 'Ninja'!
The building I have created entirely in photoshop. I used a pic of the Melbourne I took earlier in the year.
The clock, thanks to Havelock North Village.

Kate, MMA Fighter

Kate drove to my studio in Napier from Tauranga for the day on behalf of NZMMA.TV for this shoot.
Kate is one of New Zealand's top female MMA fighters.
We spent some time getting some different profile shots for Kate. I loved this result. 


I have started this blog, to share my new work as it happens.
I've also linked to my facebook account so I can display my images at a better quality.
So,... I'll be re-uploading some older stuff too and will be talking about the images.
Thanks for following!